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The Autocratic Confederacy is an active confederation between Levia, Mercria, Kyloto, Vincolo, Hormida, Novalia and Southern Anathar. It is currently the largest active known body on Aether.


The Autocratic Confederacy's main goal is to expand their landmasses by taking over the land of those considered their enemies. By doing this, they hope to fill the power vacuum left by the collapse of the Venlish Empire. Despite this, the goal is only known to those within its walls. 


Highest Authority of the Autocratic Confederacy
Arbitrator of Levia Chancellor of Mercria Overlord of Kyloto
Orchus Retaliak Inara Winters Shen Gikoku
Sovereign of Vincolo Pharaoh of Southern Anathar Battle King of Hormida
Phazorus Rezfarda Malik I Colubra Garuda
Command of the Autocratic Confederacy
General of the Mercrian Army High Priest of Vincolo Confidant of the Battle King
Hansel Koenig Alto Sovrano Piojo Escara
Lord Shogun of the Dominion Lord Imperial of Kyloto Lord Command of the Royal Guard
Shiro Magala Oran Mandarin Werlock Ryusei
Lord of the Pyramid of Knowledge Lord of the Pyramid of Power
Akram Dimitri
Lord of the Pyramid of the Dead Lord of the Pyramid of Time
Mayit Vasska


  • The Autocratic Confederacy has the largest overall army.
  • The Autocratic Confederacy is extremely rich due to the possession of precious metals and gemstones from Mercria, Kyloto, Southern Anathar and Vincolo.
  • Levia, being the largest country in Aether, has vast areas of fertile land which allow for high productivity.
  • Kyloto can provide the alliance with wide-range geological mapping, which can potentially be used to their advantage against enemies.
  • Vincolo's exclusive possession of Vincolian Silver allows for the creation of advanced weapons.


  • Shen Gikoku and Colubra Garuda have a mixed relationship, which strains relations somewhat. Despite this, they are working on a resolution.