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Apolla is a desert savanna country bordering Runisia, Druantia and Levia in Helios. Its native species, the Apollai, are primative tribals. There are at least nineteen tribes.



Apolla has no real government, due to the uncivilised state of its natives. Tribes are determined by an alpha male as its chief, typically the strongest male in the tribe, though females have been known to lead as well. Most of the males in tribes act as hunting warriors, bringing food back to their respective tribes.

An encounter between two tribes can either end badly or peacefully, as tribes are hostile to one another. If a meeting goes awry, the tribes fight until all the members of the weaker tribe have been killed off or, in some rare instances of tribal war, surrender to join the winning tribe.

Peaceful meetings often result in the two tribes merging, sometimes with a short fight beforehand.


Native Race

Apollans have a felid facial structure, and possess a white mane that droops around their heads, with only their face and ears visible. Females typically grow longer manes, some of which are tied back to prevent overheating. Apollans have dusty brown skin and blue eyes.