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King Ansuz is the powerful and magically inclined king of Runisia.



As a Runisian, he is green in color, and his "hair" is styled into a long flowing ponytail. He also has thick "facial hair". He's quite large and tall, and holds himself in a very proud and regal manner. His clothes seem fairly militaristic, that are black in color and have ornate purple designs on the sides. He has fancy shoes adorned with silver. He wears various rings, made of gold and silver that hold different crystals and gems. His pants are sleek in design, and he wears a fancy shirt, ordorned with different symbols, pendents, and insiginia. He wears a large flowing cape that is connnected y silver chains, with two snakes wrapping around each other on the back. The cape is purple, and the snakes are black. He wears a circlet of sorts that is silver in color, with curved spikes surroudnign it that get shorter and shorter as it goes towards the back. On the spikes are glowing purple gems on the top and bottom.


Ansuz is highly astute in nature, often acting passive and waiting form a better situation to present itself before he takes action. He keeps himself and his country out of huge world prolems, which often keeps his people and country happy and alive. He is highly proud of his heritage and his country, often bragging about Runisia's magic prowess. He is very charismatic, often charming those around him. Despite this, he still does not hold people too close.

Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities