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Angel-Ion Enoshima is a ronin from Kyloto and a member of the Enoshima Family.



In his younger years, Angel-Ion was trained by Kenshi Usagi on how to fight and how to use his sword.

Some time ago, the Enoshima household was attacked by Shen Gikoku's forces, in a bid to gain Sabal-Ion's legendary secret. While Kenshi put up a valiant effort, he was killed in a cowardly move from Tobira Chika, who used several Dominion soldiers to gang up on him. During the attack, Angel-Ion was entrusted with the legendary sword, Kagero, from his father, Tanzar-Ion, forged by his ancestor, Sabal-Ion, while his brother and sister were entrusted with other swords from the same set as Kagero. As they were escaping, the fleeing family was attacked by the Dominion of Kyloto's Oka Eritoshin. Angel-Ion witnessed Tanzar-Ion being brutally beaten before the view of him was obscured by fire. Despite all that had occurred, Tanzar-Ion was not able to pass down his family's secret to his children.

The group reached the territory of the Acua Clan, where they managed to steal a ship. Unfortunately, the six were attacked, with the attack force being led by Chikai. The ship managed to leave the port, but was soon destroyed by the arrival of Shiro Magala and the intended Enoshima Family Oathkeeper. His brother, Lance, fell into the ocean, seemingly being killed in the process. Angel-Ion soon fell himself, but managed to climb onto a small boat, where he saw his sister and retainers drift away into the fog. He lost conciousness as he got away from the Kylotean shoreline, unaware that his brother, who similarly survived, managed to escape as well.

Angel-Ion washed up on an unknown shoreline, alone, and regained consciousness in the morning. He quickly gathered his belongings and set sail on his partially damaged boat. He travelled across the sea, surviving on several rice bags and fish caught from the sea. Occassionally, Angel-Ion made stops at ports to purchase supplies. His boat became more damaged due to weather and an attack from Kylotean missionaries, led by Avaloss Voldin.

Fateful Encounter

After several weeks at sea, Angel-Ion encountered a Venlish airship. When it approached, he mistook it for a vessel intent on capturing him, where his boat conveniently succumbed to its damage and began to sink. The airship, piloted by a group of Venlons, whisked him to safety. After some banter, Angel-Ion became acquainted with Luther, Ruselt and Cetera Visarion. Angel-Ion decided to tag along with the Venlons, believing his search for his brother and sister could be improved with their assistance.

The airship arrived in Laguz, in Runisia, where they bought supplies from a merchant. On their way back to the airship, Angel-Ion, Ruselt and Luther were pursued by five hooded figures, who blew up their airship, critically wounding Cetera and knocking Angel-Ion unconscious. When Angel-Ion regained consciousness, he learned that the commotion was over. He accompanied the others to the residence of Vulkas Raido, who helped end the commotion with the cloaked figures.

Angel-Ion, Luther, Ruselt and Vulkas agreed to travel to Novalia as per Cetera's wishes, using Vulkas' airship as a means of travel. During their travel to Novalia, Angel-Ion learned that Luther and Ruselt were descended by Nearan Visarion, the comrade-in-arms of his own ancestor, Sabal-Ion, and formally introduced himself to the group, to Vulkas' annoyance after he stabbed his sword into the flooring.

Galahad Arms

Soon later, the airship was shot down, but Angel-Ion made an escape plan and had Vulkas, Luther and Ruselt link arms as they jumped out. Landing safely, Angel-Ion witnessed as the Galahad Arms arrived at the site of their crashed airship, and saw their officers kill off the surviving crew members. The four departed into Atlas to find a new ship.

While travelling through the streets, the group ran into a thief who was running away from Galahad Arms officers, causing Ruselt to lose his disguise. Angel-Ion stopped the remaining officer and interrogated him on information about the thief. After the Clockwatch arrived to arrest the group, Angel-Ion fled, with the others following behind. They managed to catch up to the officers and the thief, and dispatched the former. The thief introduced himself as Lanval Dultra, and explained what he had tried to steal, a powerful, mysterious gauntlet.

Lanval led the group to the warehouse where the gauntlet was hidden, and decided to infiltrate by climbing up onto the roof, inadvertently alerting the guards on the way. The group decided to fight their way to Floor 3, the gauntlet's location. The gauntlet was found by Luther, but had bound itself to his arm. The group decided it was time to escape, and headed for the nearest exit, but Black Knight, the high-ranked officer who Angel-Ion saw previously, burst through said exit, and knocked Angel-Ion out in one hit. Later, Angel-Ion was taken to the Underdome.

After awaking, Angel-Ion found that he and Vulkas were trapped in a fighting arena, and would have to win to escape. They managed to defeat several opponents, with Angel-Ion eliminating tournament favourite, Tex, and severly injuring Daran the Tactician. Angel-Ion and Vulkas then fought Sinbad Gualock, who equipped himself with his Hoodstomper gear. After a scuffle, Angel-Ion managed to take control of the Hoodstomper, as Sinbad fled. Angel-Ion, unused to the controls, accidentally stepped on one of Vulkas' traps. Angel-Ion then rushed out and sliced off Sinbad's false arm. Before Sinbad was killed, time over was announced. Sinbad walked off, as Angel-Ion was announced the winner, for killing the most out of the surviving fighters.

Angel-Ion later emerged from the Underdome with a victory belt around his waist. He and Vulkas met up with the others, and decided to head to Ludlow on foot.



Angel-Ion is an adamant and docile person who can sometimes be both serious and puerile. He is known to be reckless, and believes that fights should be done fairly, though he is not a person who is particuarly moral when mercy is involved, and is not afraid to voice his opinion. He is headstrong, believes in his abilities and gives off an intimidating expression when in a fight. As a Kylotean, he believes in the God of Fate, and follows the code of other samurai. He seeks to learn new skills, and is perceptive and pragmatic in combat. He has a very poor sense of direction.

Abilities and Gear


  • Fire Manipulation
    • ​Fire Infusion
    • Solar Empowerment

Physical Abilities


  • Kagero Huntsblade
  • Netsu Kagero
  • Fishing Rod
  • Underdome Victory Belt


  • Fishing Intuition
  • Cooking Intuition
  • Blacksmith Intuition
  • Master Swordsmanship