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Anathar is a large desert nation in Somnus, connecting to northern Regolia and southern Hanaskovia. The country was divided by the ongoing war between the north, run by the then-Mansa, Rai Singh, and the south, ruled by the Pharaoh, Malik I.

The conflict was settled following Singh's death at the hands of Azoth, allowing Malik to fill the void. Anathar is the place of origin for Shantar Mott, the first Sultan of Carta.



Southern Anathar

Anathar is ruled by the Pharaoh of Anathar and his four chosen Priests. The Pharaoh rules from the Great Pyramid of Miftah, while the Priests normally reside in the Four Pyramids.

The Priest of Power, Akram, is courted by the four Apostles of Power, the Vier Jagter, who also serve as Pharaoh Malik's top private mercenaries.

Following the south's takeover of the north, the title of Northminister was established.

Lord of the Great Pyramid of Miftah
Pharaoh Malik I
Lord of the Pyramid of Knowledge Lord of the Pyramid of Power
Dex Akram
Lord of the Pyramid of the Dead Lord of the Pyramid of Time
Mayit Vasska
The Vier Jagter / Apostles of Power
Maw Pashu
Dekmantel Ravi
Mason Bast


Native Race