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The Allied Nations are the result of the democratic union between several countries.


The goal of the Allied Nations is to spread democracy throughout Helios and Somnus, and they tend to condemn countries that hinder personal freedoms.


Allied Nations meetings are held every four months, taking place on a chosen date each April, August and December. Meetings are held in the Ironhall Capital Building in Canorica. There are currently eight seated places in the Capital Building, for the current leaders of countries part of the Allied Nations, although two remain vacant following Tythan's and Novalia's withdrawals from the Allied Nations.


The shared currency of the Allied Nations is the Libra (₺).

Bounty System

Main Article: Bounties

The Allied Nations have an active bounty system that requests and warrants the capture of specific criminals, with rewards. A bounty can be enacted for all sorts of major misdeeds, such as serial murder, severe arson, or other such offences, with the bounty reward on their heads being raised for each and every major offence committed. The law enforcement, and the governments themselves, can enact bounties on a person at will, and have the ability to retract them at any time.

Bounties are commonly sought out by police forces and bounty hunters, although criminal organisations often partake in this. Countries outside the Allied Nations may opt to assist in bounties on the alliance's behalf.

Bounties may be taken in either dead or alive, but the pricing for deceased bounties is often halved, as the criminal cannot be sentenced appropriately. Criminal bounties serve as a severity meter and a motivator for the police and military working for the Allied Nations, meaning that higher-priced bounties are effectively more severe threats.


  • For the most part, the alliance is very modern. There is also a strong bond between the democratic countries.
  • Bounty system keeps notorious criminals in check.
  • Leading countries are willing to work together for the good of the allied party.


  • Heavy bureaucracy makes the alliance slow to make a decision as a whole, as all issues are carried out democratically.
  • Carta requires frequent monetary and military aid due to its issues with the rival Sabarians.
    • Additionally, Carta is riddled with corruption, due to the constant changes in its populace.
  • The Allied Nation all share one currency, meaning should one country face an economic crisis, it could have a large knock on effect that takes it's toll on the other nations.
    • This has devastating effects on Carta, due to its small size and notably poor conditions.
  • The Allied Nations are spread far across two continents, meaning travel and communication may get strained.
  • Northern Anathar is engaged in a war against the facist Southern Anathar, often rendering them unavailable.
  • The loss of Tythan and Novalia has strategically weakened the Allied Nations, and has left empty seats amongst the Council.