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The Agosu Clan is a cult dedicated to following Azoth, and plan to have him return to the world. Despite their activities, Azoth is unaware of their existence.




The Agosu Clan's size is comparable to that of the Toge, Acua and Hirai Clans in terms of size. Despite this, they are extremely secretive, so that not even Shen Gikoku is aware of their presence.

The clan is determined by five ranks, which go in order. The lowest rank is Footsman, followed by Huntsoldier, Blademaster, Squad Captain and Ogre-Lord. The latter is reserved for the most brutish and powerful of the clan, and gets its name from the typical ugliness of those with the rank. Members may only rank up when they achieve certain skills. As such, the higher ranks are more proficient with tectonic magics and parlour tricks.

All members are required to wear their masks at all times in their underground hideout, though its common for them to wear them outside of it too, unless they are in disguise.

They frequently train coyotes, which live in and around their hideout, which they sometimes bring with them when a situation calls for larger numbers.