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Adam, also known as the Second Anonymous, is an extremist and assassin leading the Sons of Anonymous, and is a modern-day follower of the Myriad, an age old, secret religious movement.



Adam has three horns on his forehead. He wears a white mask not unlike that of Anonymous, but his has two red marks running down where the eye holes are. He has two of Anonymous' swords in his possession, in addition to one of his own, wearing them all on his back rather than to his sides.

He wears a sleeveless black jumpsuit with straps and minor shoulder padding on it, black finger-less gloves, a blood-red scarf and a pair of black boots. Occasionally he wears a dark duster coat. His suit bears both the mark of Anonymous, emblazioned on the front, and the Myriad's signature eye symbol, sprawled across the back.


Abilities and Gear


Physical Abilities

  • Supernatural Agility


  • Mask of Order
  • Kunai
  • Explosives
  • Yurei/"Phantom"
  • Ansatsu/"Assassination"
  • Kumoken/"Spider Sword"
  • Myriad Scribe


  • Explosives Intuition
  • Expert Evasive Skills